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Experience advanced orthodontic care zith multi-braces at Offices Flandres Orthodontie, led by Drs Marion Biecq and Etienne Payart, serving Lille and Hazebrouck with in-office laboratory, digital optical impression

Laboratoire in-office

This approach enables on-site fabrication of customized braces, reducing waiting times and improving treatment precision. This enables orthodontists to offer faster, more effective care tailored to the specific needs of each patient, significantly improving the orthodontic treatment experience and results.

Discover comprehensive orthodontic solutions by Drs Marion Biecq and Etienne Payart at Offices Flandres Orthodontie

optical impression

Digital optical impression is a technology that captures 3D images of the oral cavity, eliminating the need for unpleasant molds. It speeds up treatment planning and the manufacture of orthodontic devices, guaranteeing high-quality, personalized results.

Orthodontic care with transparent aligners at Flandres Orthodontie


Dental radiography is an essential imaging technique in dentistry, enabling us to visualize the inside of teeth and jawbones. It helps diagnose various problems, such as hidden cavities, tooth root infections and the state of health of the alveolar bones.

Cone beam or CBCT at Offices Flandres Orthodontie by Drs Marion Biecq and Etienne Payart

Cone beam or CBCT

Cone Beam, or CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography), is an X-ray imaging technology offering detailed 3D images of tooth structure, maxillofacial bones and soft tissues. This exceptional precision facilitates diagnosis and treatment planning in dentistry and orthodontics.

Receive personalized orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners from DRS Marion BIECQ AND Etienne PAYART at Offices Flandres Orthodontie

Laser diode

Laser diode transforms treatment approaches thanks to its surgical precision and improved patient comfort. Used for soft tissue cutting, accelerated healing, and disinfection, it improves the efficiency of procedures and reduces pain. Its targeted application promotes rapid recovery, optimizing the patient experience.

Orthodontic care at Offices Flandres Orthodontie of Drs Marion Biecq and Etienne Payart

Sterilization and Traceability

The safety and comfort of each patient and each member of the team is a priority within the office, which rigorously applies a procedure for storing instruments protected from any contamination to guarantee perfect hygiene between each visit.

At Offices Flandres Orthodontie, Drs Marion Biecq and Etienne Payart offer orthodontic care


Communication between doctor and patient is crucial to the success of treatment. Dentapoche, a dedicated mobile application, facilitates this exchange by offering an interactive platform where patients can ask questions, receive personalized advice and track the progress of their orthodontic treatment in real time, thus reinforcing trust and engagement in the care process.

Keep track of your orthodontic treatment with the Dentapoche app!