Transparent aligners

The “transparent aligner” technique is an invisible orthodontic technique that has been tried and tested for many years. First, we use transparent, removable thermoplastic aligners to align your teeth discreetly and without discomfort, unlike braces. Secondly, this made-to-measure method has gained in popularity over time, especially in recent years. In fact, it is particularly appealing to adults looking for a treatment that is both discreet and effective.

How is treatment with transparent aligners carried out ?

Step 1: We carry out an orthodontic assessment compet

  • The orthodontist needs to gather all the information required to design your treatment. At your first appointment, he will take photos of your teeth, X-rays and impressions.

Step 2: Treatment discussion

  • Following a complete assessment at the 1st appointment, your orthodontist will simulate the dental movements leading up to the final result. A number of aligners and the duration of your treatment will be predefined in advance. You can visualize your future smile in advance!
  • When they’re ready, you can start wearing them right away. They need to be kept on 22 hours a day. You’ll wear each of your aligners for two weeks, removing them only to eat and brush your teeth.
  • The average length of treatment can vary from 6 to 12 months, depending on the progress of tooth alignment. You are autonomous during this process, and appointments with the practitioner are generally held every three or four months.

Step 3: Installation in the aligners’ cabinet

  • In-office installation of dental aligners is a key stage in orthodontic treatment, characterized by its simplicity and rapidity. During this visit, the orthodontist performs a final check of the aligners’ fit. This step is crucial to guaranteeing the comfort and effectiveness of the treatment. After explaining how to insert and remove the aligners, and the care instructions, the orthodontist gives the patient his first set of aligners. This session is also an opportunity to answer any questions the patient may have, ensuring a smooth transition to a new dental care routine. The fitting of aligners marks the beginning of a journey towards a more aligned smile, offering the patient an experience that is both innovative and discreet.

Transparent aligners are undeniably practical, offering a discreet and comfortable orthodontic solution. Their easy removal simplifies daily dental hygiene. Simply remove the device and you’re done. You can even use dental floss for hygiene throughout the treatment. What’s more, these devices have the advantage of not irritating the inside of the mouth. All in all, clear aligners are a great option for those looking for an effective, low-impact way to improve their smile.

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