Orthodontics for adults

Orthodontics is no longer reserved for children and adolescents. Today, more and more adults are taking the plunge to improve the aesthetics of their smile and the functionality of their jaw. Although there are a number of reasons for taking this step, it offers considerable advantages, both personally and professionally. Adult orthodontics offers an effective solution for improving smile aesthetics and oral health, tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

Why opt for orthodontics as an adult ?

The reasons for choosing orthodontics in adulthood are varied. For some, it’s a matter of correcting untreated childhood problems. For others, the aim is to improve the appearance of their smile, which can have a significant impact on self-confidence and social interaction. Oral health problems, such as chewing or pronunciation difficulties, can also prompt this approach.

Aesthetics and self-confidence

A harmonious smile is often associated with beauty and health. It plays a crucial role in the image we project. So improving the aesthetics of the smile can help boost self-confidence.

Oral health

Misaligned teeth can make it difficult to clean, leading to cavities and periodontal disease. Orthodontics can correct these problems, improving oral health.

Comfort and functionality

Dental misalignments and malocclusions can cause everyday discomfort, such as mandibular pain or difficulty chewing. Orthodontic treatment helps solve these problems, offering greater comfort and functionality.

Treatment options available in adult orthodontics

Transparent aligners

Dental aligners are a modern orthodontic solution popular with adults. They are transparent and custom-fit, ensuring optimum discretion. In this way, adults can improve their smile without compromising their appearance. This feature is essential, especially in professional environments where image plays a key role.

These devices also offer significant comfort. Made from soft materials, they minimize mouth irritation. What’s more, their removable design simplifies dental hygiene. Users can remove them to eat and clean their teeth, making it easier to maintain good oral health.

The technology behind these aligners is advanced. 3D modeling of the teeth enables precise treatment planning. This personalized approach enhances efficacy and engages the patient, who can visualize expected results even before treatment begins.

However, these aligners are not for everyone. They are effective for many misalignments, but not for some complex cases. Only an orthodontist can determine the suitability of this method for each patient, taking various factors into account.

Aligners are an attractive option for adults seeking a discreet, comfortable orthodontic solution. Their success depends on the patient’s commitment and the nature of the dental corrections required.

Beyond their aesthetic and practical function, dental aligners represent a significant advance in orthodontic planning and follow-up. Thanks to specialized applications such as Dentapoche, professionals can monitor treatment progress in real time, adjusting the treatment path according to the patient’s individual responses. This ability to adapt ensures not only greater treatment efficiency, but also a more personalized experience for the user.

Lingual orthodontics for adults

Lingual orthodontics is a specialized method designed to treat certain complex cases. This technique is distinguished by the placement of the braces on the inside of the teeth, making them invisible from the outside. However, this approach requires specific skills on the part of the orthodontist and the use of sophisticated technologies to customize the appliances.

The creation of orthodontic appliances is based on 3D modeling, guaranteeing precise adjustment to the patient’s dentition. This not only ensures effective treatment, but also greater comfort, even with devices located close to the tongue. However, patients may need time to adjust to the new sensation.

Although lingual orthodontics has many advantages, it’s not for everyone. Application conditions, such as tooth shape and the type of dental correction required, may restrict their use. Some patients may also find the adaptation process demanding. Nevertheless, for those seeking an invisible, high-performance orthodontic solution, lingual orthodontics is an excellent option, combining discretion and precision to address complex dental issues.

Self-ligating multi-ring system

This orthodontic system uses the latest generation of wires, enabling accelerated tooth movement. Self-ligating housing technology offers a number of advantages, particularly in terms of user comfort. These housings are designed to optimize treatment efficiency.

Self-ligating housings eliminate the need for external fasteners thanks to a “sliding door” mechanism. This device holds the wire in place, allowing it to move freely and facilitating tooth movement. This feature reduces friction and makes the process more pleasant for the patient, as well as promoting efficient treatment progress.

The absence of brackets in the self-ligating brace system also simplifies dental hygiene procedures during treatment. Patients find it easier to maintain good oral health, as there are fewer obstacles to daily cleaning of teeth and gums. This ease of cleaning not only contributes to better overall comfort, but also helps prevent dental problems that may arise during orthodontic treatment.

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