Lingual orthodontics

Lingual orthodontics stands out as a preferred solution for the treatment of complex dental alignment cases, where conventional aligners reach their limits.

What is lingual orthodontics?

Lingual orthodontics is a technique for correcting dental misalignments that is particularly effective in complex cases not resolved by transparent aligners. Brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth, making them invisible from the outside. This makes the method perfect for those looking for a discreet solution to major orthodontic challenges.

Basic principles

In this approach, braces are customized to fit precisely on the inside of each tooth. This makes it possible to manage difficult alignment situations efficiently.

Advantages of lingual orthodontics for complex cases

While lingual orthodontics is open to all, patients for whom transparent aligners are not a viable option due to the complexity of their case find it particularly indicated.

Lingual orthodontics offers solutions where conventional methods fail. In addition to its invisible nature, this technique can effectively treat complex dental malpositions. It offers unrivalled precision and customization.

Maximum discretion

Lingual orthodontics is distinguished by its maximum discretion, as the appliances are judiciously placed on the inside of the teeth. This feature makes the treatment almost invisible to others, offering a first-rate aesthetic solution for those seeking to improve their smile without sacrificing their appearance.

High level of personalization

What’s more, this technique is highly personalized. The brackets and wires used are custom-designed to perfectly match the unique shape of each patient’s tooth. This tailor-made approach guarantees not only optimal treatment effectiveness, but also enhanced comfort for the individual.

Enamel protection

One of the significant advantages of lingual orthodontics is its enamel protection. The internal placement of the braces significantly reduces the risk of visible enamel demineralization, a common problem with traditional braces. This helps maintain the health and aesthetics of teeth over the long term.

Precise control of tooth movement

This method also gives orthodontists more precise control over tooth movement. Thanks to the advanced technology and customization of the devices, specialists can make very fine adjustments, achieving the desired results with remarkable precision.

Psychological comfort

Psychological comfort is another notable aspect of lingual orthodontics. The discretion it provides can considerably ease the apprehension and anxiety associated with wearing braces, contributing to better overall well-being during treatment.

No dietary restrictions

What’s more, this method imposes no dietary restrictions. Unlike other orthodontic options, lingual braces do not need to be removed during meals. This means the patient doesn’t need to adjust his or her diet or eating habits, making daily life easier.

Maintaining speech

Last but not least, maintaining speech is a considerable advantage. Most patients find that their speech adjusts quickly after lingual braces are installed, minimizing the impact on their daily communication.

Lingual orthodontics: a discreet solution for advanced problems

Its main advantage lies in its ability to invisibly correct orthodontic problems that are beyond the capabilities of aligners.

Personalization and precision

The devices are tailor-made for each patient, allowing precise adjustment and correction, even in the most delicate situations.

Adapted treatment process

Treatment begins with a thorough assessment, crucial for determining the optimum strategy in complex cases. The appliances are then custom-made and fitted, and regular follow-up is required to adjust the treatment to the patient’s changing dental situation.

Detailed monitoring

The success of lingual orthodontics in complex cases depends on meticulous follow-up. This process ensures that treatment is constantly adapted to the patient’s specific needs.

Duration adapted to the complexity of the case

Treatment times vary according to the complexity of each case. It is generally longer than for treatments using aligners, reflecting the advanced nature of the corrections performed.

For individuals facing orthodontic challenges that clear aligners can’t solve, lingual orthodontics offers an effective and discreet solution. In fact, this advanced technique is proving to be the key to dealing with the most complex cases. So choosing ?e treatment means opting for a personalized approach that meets the specific requirements of each complex dental alignment case.

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